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Self-Care Bath Salt

$ 10.00 CAD

Ready for a little self-care? Our Self-care Bath Salts are just the thing to rejuvenate and refresh your skin. With a milk base, along with geranium, rose and ylang ylang pure essential oils, you'll feel relaxed and restored in no time. Whether you're taking a break from the daily grind or looking to revive yourself during your menstrual cycle, these healing bath salts will have you feeling hydrated and pampered! Prêt pour un peu de « self-care »? Nos sels de bain Amour de Soi sont parfaits pour rajeunir et rafraîchir votre peau. Avec une base de lait et des huiles essentielles pures de géranium, de rose et d’ylang ylang, vous vous sentirez détendu et restauré en un rien de temps. Que vous fassiez une pause dans la routine quotidienne ou que vous cherchiez à vous ressourcer pendant votre cycle menstruel, ces sels de bain vous feront vous sentir hydratée et pomponnée!

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How to use
  • Fill your tub with water that's warm and comfortable.
  • Pour your desired amount of epsom salts directly into the water.
  • Slowly ease yourself into the tub and allow yourself the time to relax.
  • We suggest that you spend at minimum 15 minutes soaking in our epsom salt baths.
  • Use this time to kick back, throw on a mask, read a book or enjoy a podcast.
  • Not for children or pregnant women.

Epsom salt, geranium essential oil, rose essential oil, ylang ylang essential oil, milk powder, baking soda, and fresh dried rose buds + petals.


Client Love


Just an overall great product that I constantly recommend to my friends & family. It's my go-to product when dealing with sore joints or if I'm having an extra rough day. There's nothing better than to chill out in the bathtub with these bath bombs listening to some music and unwinding!

Travis H Langer

Very helpful and pleasant. Above and beyond excellent customer service. I will definitely be purchasing from this shop again! Thank you!


I'm in LOVE with the cedar + sage candle and bath bombs! I've already ordered the candle twice.. and I am almost done burning my second one already. I wish they came in larger sizes, but will continue to order these as they have become a staple of my meditative practice!

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