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Sleep Roll-On

$ 14.00 CAD

Struggling to fall asleep? Don't let sleepless nights take away your energy and productivity. The Sleep Roll-On is here to help! Our all-natural blend of essential oils including lavender, cedar-wood, and vetiver can help you relax, reduce stress and naturally stimulate the release of melatonin in your brain. Get in the right mindset for a peaceful night's sleep with Sleep Roll-On! Vous avez du mal à vous endormir ? Ne laissez pas les nuits blanches vous priver d'énergie et de productivité. L’applicateur à bille Sommeil est là pour vous aider ! Notre mélange entièrement naturel d'huiles essentielles de lavande, de bois de cèdre et de vétiver peut vous aider à vous détendre, à réduire le stress et à stimuler naturellement la libération de mélatonine dans votre cerveau. Mettez-vous dans le bon état d'esprit pour une nuit de sommeil paisible avec l’applicateur à bille Sommeil!

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How to use
  • Remove the cap from your roll-on oils.
  • Simply apply this herbal remedy to your forehead, temples, behind your ears and/or on your neck as headache symptoms take hold.
  • Allow yourself to become immersed in self-care and enjoy nature’s magic way of healing.

Lavender essential oil, cedarwood essential oil, vetiver essential oil, fractionated coconut oil, fresh dried lavender, and hand-picked amethyst crystal chips.


Client Love


Just an overall great product that I constantly recommend to my friends & family. It's my go-to product when dealing with sore joints or if I'm having an extra rough day. There's nothing better than to chill out in the bathtub with these bath bombs listening to some music and unwinding!

Travis H Langer

Very helpful and pleasant. Above and beyond excellent customer service. I will definitely be purchasing from this shop again! Thank you!


I'm in LOVE with the cedar + sage candle and bath bombs! I've already ordered the candle twice.. and I am almost done burning my second one already. I wish they came in larger sizes, but will continue to order these as they have become a staple of my meditative practice!

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